South Columbus High School



Mission Statement


The mission of South Columbus High School is to foster productive citizens by providing engaging learning opportunities that promote individual growth in students' talents and skills.




To emphasize character education – Respect, Responsibility, Attitude, Trustworthiness, Caring, Fairness, Leadership, Citizenship, Tolerance, and Honesty.


To maintain a safe and educationally conducive environment for students and to ensure that each student feels welcome to participate in the total program.


To create an atmosphere where the individual student is respected, valued, and accepted by his peers and teachers.


To provide opportunities for students to gain training in the entry-level skills needed for various occupations, to acquire job-readiness, and to provide opportunities to further develop communication skills in the academic and vocational areas.


To counsel students to set realistic educational and occupational goals.


To set positive values for the school and to provide firm guidelines and rules that are presented, explained, and fairly and strictly enforced.


To encourage students to develop strong self-discipline.


To involve students in the school decision-making process concerning matters which directly affect the student.


To improve the average daily attendance of students and to reduce the dropout rate.


To increase the number of students successfully completing courses at South Columbus High School.  (Reduce the retention rate.)


To improve end-of-course test scores.


To provide adequate guidance and counseling services for students.


To promote parent interest in school functions.


To promote a cooperative relationship with the communities.


To involve the staff in a curriculum audit of each subject at South Columbus High School.